Formen der Handchirurgie

Our hands are one of the most functional body parts that we use every single day to complete every task that we do. Taking care of our hands is important because it is sensitive in some times and is vulnerable to many injuries that need surgery.

There are many types of hand surgery, and there are various ways to prevent injuries from happening. But we listed the most common types of hand surgery and how to prevent the injury from happening.

Carpal Tunnel Release

The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome most likely happens by using the computer for a long time without resting. This is because the position of the hand puts so much pressure on the median nerve that is located under the ligament of our carpal tunnel. You’ll know you have the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome when you feel numbness to your hands, especially to your fingers. One can prevent this injury from happening by taking a rest and stretching their hands after doing something that puts pressure on the wrists.

The surgery is done by splitting the ligament of the carpal tunnel under local anesthetic.

Dupuyten’s Contracture Fasciectomy

Dupuytren’s contracture is a condition where you’ll feel no pain, often caused by tissue forming in the palm of one’s hand and fingers. It’s painless, but the condition can also make some type of bands, which can harm your fingers by making it curl down into the palm of your hand. The surgery is done by removing the tissue and releasing your fingers.

Release of Trigger Finger

A trigger finger is a finger that is stuck in a bent and curl position. This happens because the tendon becomes thicker, so it becomes fixed and bending the finger is almost impossible to do because it is stuck. To fix this, a surgery where a hand therapist opens the tunnel of the hand, then loosening the tendon is needed.

Tendon Repair

Tendons can break sometimes because of rheumatoid arthritis or some kind of other inflammatory arthritis. If this happens, immediate surgery is needed where the bone that is located on your wrist needs to be removed just to prevent the rupturing of the repaired tendons again.

Ganglion Removal

Synovial Fluid is a fluid that is made by our body, to make our tendons and joints move in a slow phase. Sometimes, this fluid leaks and forms a pocket of fluid which is known as ganglions. To remove them, you’ll need a surgery where a hand therapist drains these ganglions using a needle.